Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sun Rising

Hello Tuesday! Another new day, a new start, opportunities are endless. I love mornings. Being the first one up. The quiet of just me and the dogs, a cup of tea, seeing the sun rise, some morning prayers and devotions and jumping into my work. It just always kicks my day off right taking a few moments of quiet. I'm at my best in the morning and daily attempt to bring that feeling through until the end when the day nears bedtime. Each day making a conscious effort to be better than the day before. We are all a work in progress.

"The sun comes up 
Its a new day dawning
Its time to sing
Your song again
 Whatever may pass 
And whatever lies before me
Let me be singing when the evening comes"

Blessings to you, hoping that you find that quiet moment for yourself today.


  1. i love quiet mornings, too. so much! how much earlier do you wake than your family? i used to be able to wake almost 2 hours ahead - & i treasured that time - but now, i'm finding it much harder to wake earlier than anyone. :-/ thanks for sharing these pictures of the sun coming up. it's inspiration to try to see it for myself - alone - in the morning! have a great day!~

    1. Hi Usually I get up at 5am and the kids rise between 7am/8am....I always like to have at least a few hours! It helps me to have that quiet time to start my day. I find when I sleep in I'm just off the rest of the day. Enjoy your day as well!