Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pups - My 'other' kids

It took us so very long to decide to get a dog and now we can't imagine our lives without them. I doubt I will ever be without a dog for as long as I live. Each so different, with their own personalities. Moving out of state to where we are now, 4 years ago....with just 1 dog...a year later adding another and a year after that one we have 3. It seems like a lot...sometimes it feels like a lot but most of the time its just fun, lots of snuggles and lots of love. They make our home complete.

8 year old Swiss Mountain Dog (Sadie), 6 year old Jack Russel Mix (Rusty), 2 year old Swiss Mountain/Beagle Mix (Ernie)

Unconditional love and devotion. Love my pups.

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