Monday, August 11, 2014


Our weekend was full, filled with time outside the home and time spent together inside the home.

Saturday was 4H with friends for a practice day then grabbing some lunch and heading for a short swim at a pool with friends too. Thunder and Lightning off in the distance made for a short swim, but fun to spend time with friends none the less.

Sunday was quiet...some morning devotions, prayers, animal feedings and chores. Our son announced he would like to bake something and rummaged around until he found chocolate chips so with my help we baked chocolate chip muffins. Momma made another loaf of banana bread...his breakfast of choice lately. We all kept cool from the heat, taking some quiet time to read. After lunch we ventured to the library with nearly over due books and picked up new books...
We brought home...
Medicinal Herbs
Wild Edibles
Mushroom Identification
Log homes
The big book of Parrots
Country Living
Lego Chima
Avatar Comic Book
Vegetarian Times Magazine 
 In the eve I cooked dinner -Lentil Curry over rice with home made Naan bread. And after dinner we took a nature walk...bringing the mushroom identification book our son choose because he had seen some mushrooms growing on the side of a tree near our home.

and Eggless too! 

Red-Lentil-Curry Recipe
(we added chopped carrots and potatoes to the recipe too)

Good Morning Beautiful MONDAY...

Blessings to you and your families this week what ever it may bring.

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