Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Anything BUT worksheets

My kids are not really worksheet kids. 

This is what math for my '3rd' grader looked like today:
*Sidewalk Chalk Adding and Subtracting
*Balloon Pop Multiplication
*Math Bingo
*Play Store with real money, and making change

Spelling & Writing he also used chalk then scootered back and forth as I asked him different words to spell out loud. He loves to do spelling and math as he scooters or as he plays ball, one bounce another word, one lap another problem. He's always got to be moving!

This morning for our structured time our daughter immersed herself into learning about Japan, the language, the country and found herself stumbling upon and researching Kendo. She then after dinner shared a few videos she had found. I love it when she finds something out on her own and is so excited to share it with everyone.

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