Monday, October 14, 2013

New Animals Settling In - White Crested Cavy

Our weekend trip to the Rabbit show was to go and pick up new family members. New cavies for our daughter for 4H and Open shows she attends. Although 13yrs old, her goal is to become a cavy judge and maybe both a rabbit and cavy judge but at the moment cavies are her passion and goal. She has taken the first steps towards this goal and has an ambitious goal to become a judge and have all of the requirements done by the time she is 18yrs. Its completely possible. She has choose to concentrate on one breed right now- the White Crested.

We laugh at times- she loves unique and rare breeds...of everything. Ones that not very many people have. Cavies she has the White Crested, Rabbit she has a Silver Fox, Ducks she has East Indies and Chickens she is picking up White Serama's next month. Pigeons she is still on the look out for a breed for this years shows.

After a long trip Saturday she spent the day Sunday bonding with her new family members...holding them, comforting them, letting them run around an exercise pen in her room. Just talking to them and being with them.

So proud of this animal-loving girl.

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