Sunday, October 13, 2013

Road Trip Saturday - Bakersfield, CA

Road trip day finally came, the kids..and I have been so excited. I was more excited just about not working, not have house cleaning looming over me and just getting away for the day from our norm. The kids were excited for adventure, see new things, new places and of course to get the new cavies at the show that was our final destination.

Our daughter was the 'car' picture taker since I was the 'driver'! :)

We always play this little game on road trips, let's name at least 3 strange/weird/unusual things we see.
This trip it was:
1) We drove through Hinkley, CA and both kids saw signs about Water Contamination, Signs for Support Groups for People Sick from Water Poisons, and so many abandoned homes or demolished homes. Of course there's the movie that surrounds this story, but I have also read articles online about this devastation.  I talked to the kids about the town and why they were seeing these things. They now are anxious to look into and research more and learn more about this town. They were very taken back between the signs and the abandon-looking town.
2) A City Sign that said Population of 13,000 and a sign right next to it with an arrow pointing to 'New' Homes come and tour...but no town, no people and no houses...we drove a few miles after seeing the sign then saw the next sign...You are Now Leaving 'City'.  Weird. The kids just busted up laughing looking at each other saying 'Where was it?' 'Did you see it?' then our son says 'It must have been a ghost town'. Our daughter suggested at home looking at an Arial view map to possibly locate this 'missing town'
2) Fields and Mountains FULL of Wind Mills...we come over the ridge and see this site and the kids were just like 'WHOA' 'WHAT" Our son especially now wants to research wind power and all about the different sizes, locations and this specific area during our studies this week.

Our other thing on road trips is to try and make fun stops. Aside from our destination being fun we try and do a few little things along the way. This trip we stopped at a park/playground down the block from the fair grounds where the show was held. On the way home we stopped in nature amongst the tree's and relaxed, rock climbed and enjoyed. We also stopped a few minutes at a farm and got a few goodies although we were not able due to the animals to stay longer to pick apples or pumpkins which would have been super!

Pics from the day.....

A beautiful day with two of my favorite people in this world. Hubbie coming along would have made it complete. Tons of laughs, fun and play. It was a great day trip.

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