Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day of Work & Pad Thai

Yesterday was the indoor, slow day and today was the be outdoors and work day. The wind only died down for a few hours, but just enough to let us clean out a few animal pens, bleach them out and let them dry in the sun. Unfortunately it did not die down enough to let us trim weeds without them blowing all over!

We also bathed our old bunny boy. We have currently 6 rabbits, one a beloved black rex boy of 6 yrs old has not been doing well. He has skin problems and he has recently not been able to move his back legs as well along with no longer using his litter box or cleaning up after himself, so daily we use baby wipes and help him and weekly we bath him with lavender oatmeal baby shampoo to soothe his skin and help get him super clean. We tell him we love him and we'll take the best care of him for the rest of his days. I love the kindness, compassion and love I see our daughter show this creature.

Room cleaning, finishing up some book work that was left not done on Friday, a little reading, some drawing, listening to music and it seemed to be dinner time already.

LOVE new recipes, so tonight was Pad Thai...courtesy of: and let me tell you- a HIT! Well for hubbie, myself and our son...our daughter the picky eater turned her nose up at the smell and opted for plain rice noodles, raw veggies but did try the browned tofu and thought it was yummy!

The eve brought us hunting down a newspaper for the Fair Results page...getting home super late and the kids crashing straight to bed...with me right behind them. 

Good night! Restful sleep then starting Monday out fresh!

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