Thursday, October 10, 2013

Silly Time, Family Time, Study Time

The past few days hubbie has had the day off of work so at times our weekly studies over lap into the weekend to just be on his schedule, do what he'd like to do and be together as a whole family. These two days we stayed at home while he rested and got some things organized in the house, garage and yard. A constant project. We did get the pigeons housed in their new coop, a few more adjustments and it will work out perfectly for us.

Tuesday we played games, scrabble and fast spelling then studied Japan with sister.

 Taking an indoor break...playing some math games outside. Land on the square and you have to do all the problems before moving forward.
 The afternoon brought some reading with popcorn on the couch and checking out the newly bought Venus Fly Trap then watching some plant video's on you tube.

 Wednesday started off slow...we gathered a few of our books and headed outside. I read, we looked at maps, talked about distance, discussed history. In the afternoon the documentary was watched to supplement the books we read. While outside...Then the chickens came out to play too...

 Some exercising with hula many can we use around our waist, our arms, what kinds of tricks can we do?

 An afternoon snuggle nap with a pup...petting and being close to an animal always makes you feel good.
 The afternoon grew cold, staying overcast as the eve came upon us. A perfect eve to have our first fire of the season. Hubbie and our son cut wood and hauled it in the wheel barrow.
 Hubbie talking to our son again about how to build a fire, start it and keep it going.The dog wanted to hear too!

Dinner of Pasta with Butternut Squash sauce and garlic bread. Simple, easy, good. And finishing the eve relaxing by the fire with a few video's.
Life is Good.

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