Saturday, October 12, 2013

Biking, Library & Park Friday

Thursday afternoon hubbie took some time to fix our son's new/used bike we received from some wonderful friends. Our son was so incredibly excited to get a new bike, a bigger bike that fit him so well as he's been growing so much. After some adjustments, tweaks, hubbie tested it out as my son and I got a good belly laugh then our daughter came out and both kids took turns riding the bike for several hours. After dinner that eve I walked as our son rode around our little one block neighborhood.

In my son's words..."Bike Riding is being Free, like I can do ANYTHING."
Love this kid.

Friday brought me working in the morning, the kids having chore time and free time amongst some room tidying. Then lunch and off to the Library and park for a bit before dinner time. 
Always so excited about her books, at times we have to go to the park first just to get her out of her stories and running and playing. She took mini breaks in between. We brought our frisbee's, hula hoops and their scooters.   They must have only been on the actual playground for 2 minutes of the nearly 2 hours we were there...but that's fine, fun was had and it was a gorgeous, beautiful afternoon.

This weekend brings us traveling on a day trip today, Saturday 4 hours away to an animal show. We've mapped out a park nearby the fair grounds to check out for a break and are excited for our day adventure.

Blessings to you and your families this glorious weekend ahead!

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