Thursday, October 24, 2013

Weekending...and catching up on the Week

Computer problems have left our family sharing one laptop since last weekend- hubbie's computer. Hoping by mid week next week we'll have our other laptop- mine- up and running again. Its truly difficult to share when I work on the computer from home, the kids are constantly wanting to research things for school or reserve books on the library site- and our daughter does math online and then hubbie enjoys some free time gaming online. When you have 4 people and 1 computer it can be trying. But we've been making it through. I get top priority on time only due to my work is online!

Playing catch all of my pics and folders have been transferred safely off of the broken laptop....The weekend was spent at home baking, resting, relaxing, spending time outdoors bike riding, and wandering the yard and neighborhood, spending time indoors- reading, playing games, crafting...

 Fall and Winter's weekend tradition...baking our loaves for the week...

 Monday morning came so quickly...the dogs woke early, I woke early. It was still dark out. Some breakfast for the pups and a cup of coffee to wake me up. Decided to surprise the kids with one of their favorite breakfast sweets...Cinnamon Breakfast 'Cake'.

 Yummy gooey cinnamon and sugar in the middle, so good nice and warm from the oven!
 School this week has been pack full of interests...we started the week focusing on the ocean, shells, animals. We talked of plans to go to the beach to go shell collecting, perhaps to the tide pools and definitely to Seaworld on our trip in a few weeks out of town. The kids are both getting excited for our out of town adventure to see family.

 And my beautiful girl. Watching a documentary for school as I sat beside her reading, glanced over and just noticed how beautiful she is, inside and out..I had to take a picture and this time she let me :) Warmth in my heart. I love this girl.

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