Tuesday, October 8, 2013

More Pigeons & Lentil Taco Meat

It must be a Monday thing, last Monday was pigeon study and again this Monday the kids happened to both want to dive into pigeons again. After some interest sprung hearing that a Poultry show next month would have Parlor Tumbler Pigeons the kids and I were quickly sucked into some youtube video's on the breed....then to training pigeons...then to baby pigeons....then after videos we read from the books we still had from the library and our daughter took out her pigeon and spent time with it, petting it, holding it then we went through all her showmanship poses for 4H along with terms and definitions and they both pointed to the parts of a pigeon as I read them out loud. Pigeons completely consumed the morning.

The afternoon brought a trip to the grocery store. The grocery store is always a great learning experience. The kids take turns on different trips- either keeping track and rounding pricing so that we stay under budget or gathering the items, weighing them and making sure everything is organized in the cart, as well as taking a look at labeling and nutritional facts. So at the end of the trip our son saw a Venus Fly trap he wanted...he had wanted one last year but we never found one- I told him we had $55, asked him how much we spent if we had money for it....he and sister conversed and decided the bill would be $43 so yes, he could get the $4 plant and with tax we still wouldn't go over. Correct! $51 and some change- good shopping today kids!

Dinner this week has an array of new recipes to excite our non-meat taste buds...

Lentil Taco Meat Taco's on Home Made Flour Tortilla's

To make Taco Meat: Start with 1 cup dried lentils....just rinse and bring them to a boil in plenty of water and a pinch of salt for 20 minutes. Low heat and simmer until tender then drain.

While the lentils were cooking we made some simple creamy guacamole....3 avocado's, a few spoons of sour cream, salsa, chili powder, garlic and salt- taste...yummy.

 Lentil Taco Meat Recipe: Saute 1 small yellow onion with 2 cloves of garlic in 1 tbsp of oil with a pinch of salt for a few minutes until brown.  Add the spice mixture:   1/2 tsp Oregano, 2 tsp Chili Powder, 1/2 tsp Cumin, 1/2 tsp Ground Coriander, 1/2 tsp salt.  Add Lentils plus 3 tbsp of Tomato Paste and mash as you heat/stir together. If needed use a fork to mash.  And done! Lentil Taco Meat.
Home made Flour Tortilla's:    (We doubled the recipe to make 16 instead of 8)  To make 8: 2 cups of Flour, 1/2 tsp Salt, 3/4 cup water, 3 tbsp Earth Balance Soy Free 'butter'
Mix ingredients, knead dough 10-12x, let dough rest for 10 minutes.  Divide into 8 and roll out each section in a 7 inch circle. Heat on med heat for 1 minute on each side in pan. YUMM.

 Topped with romaine lettuce, cilantro, guacamole. A hit with everyone!

Simple home made pleasures....Winter approaching is bringing homemade back to our kitchen!

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