Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Outdoor Play, Thanks Decor, Okra Gumbo

Does it seem as if all we do is play outside? We do have indoor study time, traditional study time but why not be outside everyday for several hours at least?

I ran across this blog, great info. I encourage everyone to take the challenge:

I think the kids and I would spend all of our time outdoors if we could! A park day is never just a park day, its a reading day, its an exploring day, its learning about nature, bugs, flowers, tree's, weather, physical education, body many more things! Give up your indoor studies your traditional books for an outdoor exploration day. or like us...take some books with you and get the best of both worlds!

Home for the afternoon from our Park day and Library trip....pulling out a packed away box labeled 'Fall', the kids helped decorate the mantel, the tree outside, the table and looked online at other fun craft projects for this fall season of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Also, our son thinking as fall and winter approach the birds won't have much to eat, decided to talk his sister into helping make outdoor bird feeders for the tree as well.

A new Vegan recipe for Dinner - - okra-gumbo-with-chickpeas-kidney-beans/

Another beautifully blessed day spent together. Life is good.

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