Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mid Week Already

Wednesday already. The week slowly takes a downhill into the weekend. This afternoon we have plans to work with hubbie on his day off in the yard and take a trip to the Library as there are several more books awaiting us on the hold shelf. Wednesdays are our families best days- hubbie is home, well rested and we get him for the full day- we get to all be together. Studies and work and home cleaning take a back burner to being all together this one day a week.

This week our daughter has immersed herself in Japan even more. She was thrilled to see all 13 books...yes 13 on the language, culture, foods, drawing, writing all about Japan had come in last week on Friday. Between reading, practicing the language, and starting on some creative writing- coming up with her own manga/anime series she has been practicing ballet at the house until she goes back to lessons in a few weeks and training her new bunny as well as studying her rabbit/cavy book.
Our 13yr olds book picks for the week:

Working from home can be such an amazing blessing yet at the same time so very difficult. A second job has brought me unfortunately needing to do tasks during the day time which eats away at our ideal school time. It has been a huge adjustment. An adjustment that we have come to find is not working. After praying and hubbie and I discussing this, we have been lead to that my number one job is our children and his number one job is providing and enabling me to do my job. But its not so easy as just quitting, so we will all be making this work just a bit longer until the pieces fall into place where I can cut back on work- I will still work from home but not two jobs. Two work jobs is one too many and my main job is our children.

Yesterday was simply wonderful. The kids both had free time when I started my morning work, I broke to cook them an early lunch then after lunch they had independent studies, after I finished work, we studied together. During independent studies, I put a small table at the end of my desk, so that I could work, but be right next to our son. Our daughter sat at the desk to the side of me...I was working, they were studying, yet we were all close. I talked to them both throughout the time and it felt good. Everyone was happy instead of the past few weeks we've all been quite struggling with this schedule change.

 Some math stories our son helped pick out-
 Our 8yr olds picks: He loves nature guides, field books, species identification manuals:

As soon as I finished my work, I turned to both of them - they knew we had to clean up the house before 4H meeting that eve both asking is it room cleaning time...I told them NO it is OUTSIDE time..let's GO! Two beautiful beaming smiles. Two laughs, Two kids running to grab their jackets and run out the front door.

And the beautiful day ended with 4H friends coming over to work on posters for our Open House next month. Brainstorm idea's on how to tell kids about the projects we offer, what's so awesome about being in 4H...a Rabbit Cavy poster started.....
May the rest of your week find you enjoying your family and the beauty of nature that surrounds you.

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