Friday, February 14, 2014

Already Friday....Family, River Play, Books & Meditation

This week brought lovely unexpected change in our weekly and daily rhythm of schooling and life...we had visitors, and the best kind- family. Two days our of our week to take off from schooling and be on a mini-vacation ourselves to play, visit and be with them. Feeling incredibly joyous and blessed they were able to come spend two days with us here. Yesterday, Thursday as they headed home we eased into our normal rhythm of chores and studies. We studied for a short while then headed off to the store and spent the afternoon reading, playing and talking on the phone with friends.

 Even though we took two days 'off' she brought her Japanese studies to the park and practiced...

 Rock skipping.
 Treat time

Back to studies, we sat together and read about Abraham Lincoln, being that his birthday just passed and talked briefly about Presidents' Day. We had some great conversations around Abraham Lincoln which will fuel further research and learning next week as we put more books on hold at the library..
more about the Civil War and the Gettysburg Address.

 Momma has been studying too...with a sore back having not been able to do my 'normal' work out, I've turned to Yoga which has been an amazing journey so far, along with the yoga I've been reading about meditation. When picking out the book our son saw one in the kids section and asked for it- 
I love the concepts of Yoga and Meditation, they go hand in hand with my Mindful Parenting book I'm currently reading.
Yoga has been a journey which 'working' out does not seem like a chore- its something I enjoy and look forward to each morning and evening. It is magical the way it makes my body and mind feel. Peaceful, connected, stress free, ready to take on the day, or sleep well at night. 
Here's where I started with poses, then I checked out a few books at the library as well-
I highly recommend the children's book, Peaceful Piggy Meditation.
 Page below reads, "Peaceful piggies know when to take a break, find a quiet spot and just breathe, breathe, breathe."
 Page below reads, "By slowing down, peaceful piggies notice all the magical little things in life, like the way raindrops race each other down the window."

Blessed week spending time with out of town family, enjoying them, loving them.

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