Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Interests this Week...Ahh Mondays

Mondays are beautiful, the week starts anew. The beginning of an opportunity to learn, do, be. 
We spend the morning doing animal chores, cleaning up the home a bit then sat down together, to chat and dive into studies. The afternoon brought a trip to the grocery store, picking out some craft items, and phone calls with family. Some afternoon chocolate chip cookie baking. A family dinner with hubbie and it was into bed early.
A wonderful first day to start our week off. A beautiful Monday.

Here is what our daughter, 13 is diving into this week:

Free Lessons to speak Japanese until Hubbie gets her Rosetta Stone working-

 She wrote down some of the lessons and is practicing her pronunciations.
 Reading up on the newly admitted breeds, judges articles and info on rabbits.
 She's also been at the piano more and just starting to write her own songs.

Our son's interests this week: 8 years, 

 He is super excited we are ordering snap circuits. We've seen great reviews and he has been eyeing them for a while, so he's reading up on Electrical Engineering and just getting started researching.
and starting to learn about inventors.
 After a weekend trip to Big-5, he wanted to revisit bow making at home...

 And this time he designed and made with help from Mom, a Quiver, bag to keep the arrows in.

 Lunch time brought watching a documentary on Titanaboa with Sister- he just got out of his dinosaur/prehistoric learning but he still really enjoys it so when Netflix got this one he was excited to see it-but the full episode is also viewable on you tube-

 Afternoon Chocolate Chip Cookie baking for a snack...

Momma also got some afternoon reading time as the kids took turns at the piano and filled the house with sweet music as they had their treat of cookies. 
A beautiful day.

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