Monday, February 24, 2014

Snap Circuits- they came!

We have an engineer in our home...a boy that constantly talks of robotic engineering, building things, plans, idea's, NASA and checks out books on electricity and circuits...Sister too has been studying circuits and electricity with us but was not nearly as excited when the snap circuits came as he was. Being sweet, giving him the first chance to work with the circuits on his own he was extremely happy and thankful towards her for this. She spent the morning updating her 4H expense reports for the last few months on all her projects then reading, learning a new song on the piano and researching some clay crafting she'd like to get materials for and do this week. And I assisted our little engineer with a few projects from his 300 projects book that came with the set.

We always think as parents that we're meant to inspire our children yet today, his enthusiasm, dedication, patience, wonder, interest inspired me greatly. Both my children amaze and inspire me. I'm so blessed to spend my days with these two.

 Momma loves to learn new skills too...
both kids are talking about looking at this book with me as well!

Incredibly inspiring, amazing beautiful day together.

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