Thursday, February 27, 2014

Embracing a Grumpy Day

Waking up over tired, I was grumpy with a load full of deadlines due for work and not much energy with not sleeping well and little things seemed bigger than they should have all morning. I must have not been the only one with the grumpies, our daughter lounged, reading saying she was really tired and all she wanted to do was to lay on the couch and read for the day...our son normally exploding with energy was listless too asking if he could have the morning off. What would you like to do I asked him....make believe, play, think of stories and games- both idea's from both kids sounded wonderful. Telling both children to go for it...I went to embrace my grumpy feelings in the kitchen..a few lit candles, and a cup of hot tea while I starred at the craft/work/everything cupboard that was getting out of control...thoughts of organization and maybe some reorganization and moving about of furniture in the front room both seemed like great idea's. So for the day, I sipped tea, made everyone vegan gyro's with tzatziki sauce and fries for lunch then me and my boy went outside to play with the chickens- laugh at them and enjoy the breeze while our daughter regained some energy to bake herself and her brother an afternoon snack of brownies. Started on some cupboard cleaning, played a few hands of UNO in the evening and relaxed with a nice call with my parents and popcorn and snuggles with my kids....Sometimes we just have to embrace that we feel off, tired and go with it.

Tomorrow is a brand new day.

 We always half this recipe and we always have tons left!
Sandwiches, dip pita or chips or crackers into it..yum.

 Fluffy butts...
 Amusing to hear them have a conversation with each other.

 ...then baking..and tasting...

....and into Friday we come, tucked in their beds, sweet dreams in their heads. A bright new day awaits us.

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