Friday, February 21, 2014

Randomness with our old Camera

Random photo's from the week, getting our old camera dusted off, testing it out, taking some snapshots the other day. Today is Friday, hoping the day to be less windy than yesterday so that we can head out on a 'Field trip Friday' to surprise the kids...and run by the Library to pick up some additional books we had on hold. Then to await the coming home of hubbie into the weekend so that we can spend some time with him. His ever changing work schedule has seemed to be harder on everyone this week- patience overall was needed from everyone more so than usual but yet still everyone did well and had a wonderful week.

And into Friday and the Weekend we come..ready to spend time together as a family, dive into our weekend family work together and of course have fun while doing it.


  1. When I was a kid, I would see those Sea Monkeys advertised on the backs of comic books. I YEARNED to have them! And I could not figure out exactly what they were...I thought they were alive--hmm...are they? Or is that just slightly false advertising? Now I'm curious!

    1. They are supposedly brine shrimp- and take up to 7 days to hatch...we shall see if they do! My son was enthralled watching you tube video's on them, a couple bucks at Walmart I figured oh well if they didn't work, not a big spend, but of course hopefully they do because he's really excited about them!

  2. Ok, I'm off to do a little YouTube researching!

  3. Well, they don't look EXACTLY like those mini-humans advertised on the comic books, but at least they are alive. Pretty cool--and what a flash from the past!