Monday, February 24, 2014

Family Fishing

Sunday afternoon work for me seemed to quiet enough to allow us to take a few hours and head out to fish right before sun down into the eve and come back home just in time for bed. The entire family is thrilled in a few weeks I'll be going back to my old company, still working from home, yet will have weekends and evenings off and be more flexible. I will enjoy that as well- the consistency of going to church every Sunday instead of just when its not busy, our kids can enjoy having school friends over more frequently in the afternoons and weekends- its a good change that will give me even more control over my schedule and the flexibility we are looking forward to immensely. But this past weekend we were blessed to have spurts of quiet to allow us to get out of the house and wander around home depot, grab some lunch and sit outdoors together gazing at the river and head out on a quick fishing trip.

Blessings in the midst of weekend work.

Pretty sure this is where you will see us many of husband's days off from now & outdoors as the weather warms- beautiful.

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