Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sunrise & Love Notes

Every morning I get up early, rise before the kids do to squeeze in a few minutes of quiet time before the start of the day, but also to get an hour or two of work in so my work doesn't eat away too much time during the day when I can spend with the family. Yesterday morning I was greeted by a beautiful site out my front window, the sunrise, the fog, the pictures don't do it justice. I got lost in it, distracted watching as the sun rose. Beauty. The kids slowly got up one by one after the sun rose higher. We all helped with chores then off on a few errands and to the park to meet up with homeschool friends for some play time, mommy talk time, all around good for our hearts and souls time. This valentines with no school to hand out to- they enjoyed bringing treats to 4H and asked me to do the family valentines. They helped with the designs for each person then wrote sweet messages inside. They were also thrilled to receive special animal cards from their Grame and Grandpa...and they know they'll receive a special token on love from Mom and Dad on the 14th as well.

Love, beauty, fun & friendship.

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