Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No photo's

A freak accident...dogs running, kids running...a camera getting pulled out of the charger and falling onto the hard flooring. A small crack in the corner, the camera will turn on but no pictures can be taken. A little heart broken, I'm always so careful with it, I love it so. For now, I'm camera-less until hubbie can do a little research and either order a new screen and fix it himself..or possibly the camera is going to be shipped off to be repaired. Going to attempt to pick up some batteries today and revive an old camera we have laying around, we'll see if it works.

The weekend was perfect- family perfect- a day off from work, we all four packed up on Sunday to go sun bathe and picnic at the lake then head off to a spot to fish until the sun went down. Perfect weather, much fun, laughter was had together.

This week in studies our daughter is 'diving' into competitive swimming books and anxious to start private lessons next month in an awesome huge indoor pool. She's informed us the Summer 2016 Olympics is in Rio, so she's begun looking at Olympic swimmer video's. She's working on 4H and studying electrical circuits and electricity and magnetism with us as well. Today she's settling down with a new documentary about the Titanic that came onto Netflix.

Our son spent yesterday researching about 'Sea' Monkey's and then purchased a kit to hatch them. He's starting to research about owls, breeds, habitats and interested in dissecting an owl pellet. He's waiting anxiously for his snap circuits to arrive at the end of the week. We finished up his robotic engineering books he checked out from last week and he is very interested in NASA at the moment as well after learning about the robots that help in space.

A few errands, lots of time to play, plenty of interests to research, study and learn and every afternoon and evening with hubbie, together as a family.....

A wonderful week together..
even without lovely pictures!

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