Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lego's, Library, Park

After reading in the newspaper Monday morning about robotics our son who has always been interested in science and robotics decided this morning he was going to 'engineer' race cars and race to see which styles went the most smooth, the fastest and the farthest. He enlisted my help to build my own racer to race against as well. Making the first model, we raced then he enlisted his 'pit crew' to make some modifications- telling me why adding a 3rd wheel and a helicopter propeller might give him the advantage and let him go faster than me...and sure enough he won. Our daughter not feeling 100% laid on the couch and watched a few documentaries and video's while lego building was going on. After lunch we headed to the library, picked up a few books we had on hold and ventured to the park for a short time for a snack of seaweed chips and play time. Our daughter dived right into a new book and our son asked me to take pictures and video tape him doing cartwheels and round offs, off of the equipment. The day ended with dinner with hubbie, a Valentines 4H party with friends and finishing up the Avengers movie we had started the night before...then off to bed.

 Our daughters veggie/fruit smoothie at lunch...blackberries, blueberries, banana and zucchini and spinach.

Another beautiful blessed day.

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