Monday, June 24, 2013

Birthday Again, More Fair Fun, Family Fun

Celebrating our daughters birthday again, she got special gifts from her Grame and Grandpa then shared some birthday cake with the whole family. We got a whole day to be with everyone, enjoy pictures and laughs. 

Several trips to the fair to show, check on animals, look around then spending the last day of fair with our family was the best. Everyone enjoyed the 'game' display then we ventured to gem and minerals and wood working and the 'kids' enjoyed some cold ice cream together. 

Back at home on the weekend the kids went shopping, spent money they received from their Papa on water toys, our daughter getting a turtle tube for the water and our son a shark set! And of course, our daughter the reader had to spend some time in a book store as well!

We travel home tomorrow, bittersweet as a week goes by so very fast, but we've had a wonderful time as always, enjoying family, friends and our experience at the fair.

Treasured week of many more wonderful memories made.

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