Tuesday, June 4, 2013

River & Park, Pentatonix & The Piano Guys

Yesterday, Monday, we hurried our animal chores and room tidying to get out of the house and to the river to explore and the park to play before the heat hit us then it was off to do our errand of grocery shopping which we were thankful for at that point because by 10am the sun was too much to take being outdoors and the grocery trip provided much needed cool down time in the air conditioned store.  For once both children were ecstatic to go in the freezer section! Home for lunch then to our daughter's 2nd dance recital at the Recreation Center.

 Love this photo- this is Jordie telling me 'Mom take a picture....I'm just 'hanging' around'!! 

In the eve hubbie made dinner and we enjoyed showing 'dad' our son's new found love for the violin, playing several songs off of you tube for him...which brought us to more songs by Pentatonix then more songs from the Piano Guys..and more and more and then all of us were piled on the couch taking turns choosing songs, trying new artists, having good laughs and having fun.
That is one thing I love about letting our children direct our studies through the year through their interests. Every day is brand new, a new opportunity, you never know what one interest will bring up or spark but the journey is wonderful and amazing!

Love when music fills our home. Love that the children love playing music.

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