Sunday, June 9, 2013

Websites I'm Loving right Now!

Sharing some websites I'm loving right now....

I have a few posted on the side bar of our blog, but every day I run into more that I have to bookmark and save...and then my list grows and grows...seems I'm about ready to play clean up in my favorites folder- again!  Here are a few that I've recently run across....

I have been entranced with reading through this blog, although she no longer maintains it, the stories of her days, her family, homesteading, gardening, cooking are still there. I love the photographs, the vintage, her cottage, so lovely. Simplicity, hard work, real life...I'm completely obsessed with the outdoor laundry room and hanging clothes to dry on the line...And can see us making this a home project, to build an outdoor stove...  (Photo's -Source)

A peek inside unschooling, she has some great resources, game idea's, links, I love her thoughts and her relationship with her children. (Photo- Source)

 Christian Stories
Loving Adventures in Odyssy, great stories, you can listen online. We have only just begun our adventure exploring these stories but are enjoying ourselves immensely. I had a series of these on tape when I was a child- given to me by someone as a gift, but I remember just laying on my bed listening seeing the stories in my head. (Photo - Source)

Another homeschool/unschooler blog, love her pictures of all of their amazing hands on fun activities. She has 6 kids, an array of ages, so there's always something for everyone. Creative inspirations everywhere. (Photo- Source)

After seeing this blog, my daughter is more than determined that knitting is going to be our summer project together- to learn to knit! There are some super cute video's on the site too. Visit this site for some great knit creature/character/animal inspiration! (Photo -Source)

Bento Boxes & More
Completely loving Bento boxes, and have for quite some time. The kids just got on the bento box kick with me and now are scouring online to find the perfect one for next yr's homeschool lunches when we go out or just when we eat at home. Our daughter, our picky eater was so excited she looked for several hours at how characters were made, and out of what vegetables and fruits and found some pretty creative ones she's excited to try making herself. She exclaimed she believes this will help her eat veggies! I'm all for anything that makes her say that! :) (Photo-Source)

And those are just a few of the blogs I've been popping around reading this past week...

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