Saturday, June 1, 2013

Friday, just living life, at home for the day.

Was filled with board games, moon sand play, birthday lists made, family reading time, drawing, computer play, shark week shows, ballet practice, listening to songs on you tube, prepping tons of corn and a bit of grocery shopping too.

Some pics of our day...
Some shape games online...while our daughter worked on a b-day list.
 Reading, and more reading..he's really on a Dr. Seuss roll! I just put 5 more books on hold for him from our Library!
 Showing me the cover and telling me reading makes him sleepy...
Sister was on the love seat, laying down reading as well..this nearly 13 yr old is being super camera shy lately :)
 Family Reading, after lunch. Snuggled up us three on my son's bed to begin a new family book- reading the first 5 chapters. Love the discussions that come up when new words or phrases are learned. 
Today's discussion word: CONFORM
A complete discussion and conversation sparked in my children about Despereaux being different, and different being good when the word conform came up- that he wouldn't conform to just being a mouse- being like everyone else. Both my children making comments on how aspects of public school were 'conforming' and how homeschooling was like 'being' Despereaux, different, unique, a leader, following your own path, knowing truth, knowing right and wrong, standing for what you believe in. 
Oh so very true. I'm happy this story is resonating inside both of them. We've seen the movie but never read the tale and now we are, together.
Snack time with some games: Mancala one on one with my daughter then Checkers with my son. Smoothies of Orange, Banana, Pineapple, and a home made iced coffee for Momma.
 Moon Sand Play while Momma read Wreck it Ralph- and we both laughed over the playset guy looking like Ralph- Momma built Felix's building while Jordie worked on Ralph's brick pile! And Sister played DJ, playing all the Wreck it Ralph songs on you tube and laughing every time we said 'I'm gonna Wreck It!'  Total Fun.

Oh the abundance of sweet good corn! With corn being dirt cheap, we are buying truck loads, not literally, but still purchasing a lot, and prepping it to freeze, saving kernels for recipes and some left on the cob to have a side with meals. Good thing the whole family loves corn!

OH SO GOOD. And simple- I actually put it all together right after lunch, that way when dinner came I just threw it in the oven, let it bake and dinner was served, with roles and salad!

And that was our Friday, nothing too crazy, complicated, just relaxing and living life, spending the day at home together.

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