Saturday, June 8, 2013

Doggie Baths!

Its a family event, a production, that takes help on everyone's part when you have 3 dogs to bathe. Being such warm weather hubbie thought it the perfect opportunity last night after dinner to get these pups cleaned up! Agree'd, with the heat, the rolling and playing in the dirt they love to do they needed it! We always joke, 3 years ago when we moved here from Cali, we traveled with one dog, our little jack russel mix, Rusty- we only had him, no other animals at 3 years later...
We have 3 dogs, 7 guinea pigs, 5 rabbits, 4 ducks and 11 chickens.
Dogs are great, a lot of work at times but we wouldn't change that for the world.
Enjoy your animals, and the hard work you put into them

FUN! Bath time!

Sadie, Swiss Mountain Dog, 85lbs
aka 'Big' Momma girl, she's the boss of the boys but oh so sweet!

 Ernie, Mix-Swiss Mountain Dog/Beagle/Sharpei, 43lbs
Easy going, lover boy, he just turned a year old a few months ago!
 Rusty, Mix- JackRussel, 20lbs
High energy maniac, kids call him the 'racing' dog, but when he chills out he is a lap snuggle bug.

 Our beautiful helper...
While we were bathing Rusty...Sadie wished she was outside too!
Love our pups, took us years to finally take the plunge and adopt a dog but now we wonder how we ever lived without one! They are part of our family.

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