Monday, June 17, 2013

Trip, Free American Girl Homeschool Club, Plant Dyes

We are mostly packed with the exception of getting the animals into their traveling cages. 
This morning my son and I are enjoying the quiet...I awoke first with the pups, feeding them then enjoying some coffee and quiet blog reading for a few minutes as the sun crept into the front windows before our son awoke. 
Breakfast and some puppy snuggle time, our son wrapped his robe around him and is getting in a few minutes of free computer play before starting our day.
Our daughter still sleeps sound, not unusual for her to be the very last one to wake. They both are in bed by 8pm and up between 7am and 8am. 

Last week on our weekly Library run we gathered a Book on CD and music CD's as well as regular books for our road trip. Books on CD have become along with car games and music our favorite trip pastime. Hearing great things about this inspirational movie, we decided to check out the book as well as the Audio for 'Life of Pi' before viewing the movie.

In other reading...
Here's what our daughter checked out...
She is participating in an American Girl Homeschool Club online, in which the June meeting, book is 'Meet Kit'
It's her first time participating in something like this, but she's looking forward to trying something new!
 Our son is still on his Dr. Seuss kick....
 Momma is reading more about self-sufficiency and natural plant dyes...
 Both kids were inspired as I read out loud what I had learned about plan dyes, this one especially about red cabbage dye and now both are excited to 'solar' cook the dye outside with me when we get home from vacation.
When we as parents find out something new, something exciting...share never know what inspiration or excitement it will spark in your child as well..and that goes both ways. I love when they share new things with me!
 Love the vibrant purple coloring!

This week will be filled with excitement, adventures, family fun and I'm sure less blogging until we travel home, until then, have the most blessed week enjoying your own adventures!

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