Thursday, June 13, 2013

Life Learning, Beauty, Start of Organization

Life Learning
I am forever thankful for such a wonderful father in law, who passed down such great skills to his son, my husband and in turn now, my husband passes those life learning skills on to our son. Every opportunity our son has to be with his dad, outside, fixing something, he dives right in. Some times its the car, other times its building something  or putting something together, what ever it may be they do it together.

This weeks project seems to be the swamp cooler for our home. With both not working when we moved in during the winter months, we opted to fix the swamp a few months ago and now it seems to be having problems. The boys promptly went up on the roof as the swamper began to make noises and refuse to give us cool air. Which when its in the 113 range in heat, you desperately need.

We had hoped the eve up on the roof, had fixed the problem, but after working a few hours it promptly decided to quit on us again- the boys determined the motor went out, so now we are in the process of hunting a new one down and hoping in the meantime we can live with a little window a/c and a few fans.
In the eve as the boys worked, the sun began to set and the boys had an awesome view of the beautiful sky, they climbed down and we walked into the yard to snap a few pictures. Pictures don't do our skies justice.

Start of Organization...
And finally the other project for the week- - aside from preparing for a birthday, and prepping for our upcoming trip next week, we've just begun the start of 'organization'. Accounting for home school supplies...the kids and I have been going through everything together and just starting to make a list of what they'd like for next year and what they could donate/give away from last year. While our education is directed by their interests, they do like to have all of their supplies organized so whatever direction their interest takes them they can easily go and see if we have any supplies or reference materials. So having everything available, out and organized is key for them. We do have some cabinets in the kitchen, right off their homeschool area that contains all art, paint, brushes, and extra supplies like notebooks and pencils then we have a tall drawered cart that holds all of their paper, stickers, beads and more art making supplies. Its a work in progress, but a start is good, one thing at a time!
 Some of our Science: books, workbooks, encyclopedia's, figures, toys, shells, rock/gem display, and microscope.
 Math: This bin is mainly our son's as our daughter usually does math online, although it does contain some workbooks for both children, living math books, math bingo, flashcards, magnetic money, estimation marbles and more!
 At top: containers with crayons, markers, glue, scissors, rulers, colored pencils, chalk.
On shelving: More sewing/crafting supplies- ribbon, yarn, embroidery thread, material with labels for specific projects of ours and some craft magazines for inspiration.
 Our next project...the bookshelf- I believe we just need MORE space! History shelf, Animal shelf, fun reads, easy readers, historical reads, and then a misc. shelf of piano music, bibles and some craft books!

As for the rest of our week...purchasing a swamper motor, Library for some books on CD for our trip, bathing animals who are going to fair, cleaning cages and getting ourselves packed up! We are so looking forward to seeing friends and family next week, celebrating again our daughters 13th birthday and heading to the fair!

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