Saturday, June 29, 2013

4H Poultry, Nature Finds, Rock Painting

Our week wrapped up with our 4H Poultry and Waterfowl meeting last eve. Never a bore: an escaped duck, a biting rooster, a ton of glue dripping, studies, big kids helping little kids, balloons flying, tons of giggles, families together. We enjoy these meetings immensely and we love hosting at our home and helping to teach the children.
4H Poultry
Little Kids now have books to study their parts...
 Each part is highlighted for them.

 Older kids matched up parts of a wing and a feather.
 I pre-made home made natural glue for our craft.
 Last month the kids made egg shell chicks and grew grass in the egg shells. So this month our craft was birds nests to put the little egg chicks in.

 Some Poultry study questions for the big kids.

Inspirations and thoughts
 ....the kids and I have been researching and thinking and discussing new idea's for the Summer and for next Homeschool's a list we've been working on:

*Woodworking by hand
*Fairy and Gnome Gardens
*Farm Schooling
*Silk Dying with Natural Plant Dyes
*Schooling by the Seasons
*Embroidery Hoops
*Our Family Rhythm and Rhythm of Schooling
*Afternoon snack time, family time- kids baking with Mom

A little purple fun to brighten the window...

Nature Finds
We spent the morning gathering in our yard and from our other nature supplies previously gathered on exploring trips some natural materials to craft with today...

Rock Painting
I choose these rocks to paint an educational play toy of the frog's life cycle for the kids.
Finding the idea here: Wooden Frog Cycle
The kids artwork in progress:
We discussed how some paintings take several layers to make them look more realistic- we researched online and read about painting and found some pictures of different idea's they wanted to try...
Jelly fish
Paper with written messags
Eyes peering out from the dark
and many more in the layering process...
Fun, relaxing day, beating the heat, staying indoors to craft, paint, play games, bake cookies and watch movies together.

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