Friday, June 21, 2013

Cavy Showing at the Fair

How different all fairs are in all area's. Although being from San Diego our kids never showed animals here, that only began once we moved to Arizona and then got into 4H.
There is much more sense of Community and 4H kids involvement in our County although I'm sure these kids here work just as hard! I suppose it is just the difference between a small town fair and a large city fair. A great experience non the less, a great day and lots of fun.

Show hair...
 Confirmation judging...
 Patiently waiting to see how 'Darwin' her Red American Boar does..
 It was a long wait...even he got tired!
 But he WON Best Variety!
 Fun piggy in the Agricultural building...
 Afternoon treats
 Grame and Teryn
 Highlight of our son's day...a bird group was there that let him hold their bird...he was in heaven!
 She worked hard, did her best....and won 3rd Place Pin for Showmanship, first time showing in SD County. So very proud of her!!
A wonderful day together supporting her hard work! She was so proud and excited to phone her daddy and tell him about it...but we all missed him wishing he was here in person instead!

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