Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

A Happy Father's Day
to all the many father's out there.

Today was a somewhat normal day since the kids dad, my hubbie had to work, so when he came home, the kids and I gave him our cards, hugs and kisses and he went off to bed for the day until the afternoon, when he arose to help with his special father's day dinner of Shrimp Curry. It was a peaceful day of chores, games, baking and still preparing for our trip tomorrow. 

 This morning in the quiet, my son and I worked on our cards, before our daughter awoke and their dad came home from work...our son helped with the words that made 'father' of what we think of him.

 We are lucky to have this rock in our lives, the support that holds us together.

Today I also think of my dad, not being able to spend the special day with him today, but looking forward to traveling tomorrow to spend a week with him and my mom and our other family out of town. Blessed that he is such a great role model as a parent and such a great Grandpa to my two children. I love as my children grow older the bonds they grow with both of my parents.

This afternoon we played some games, built a blanket fort and I baked some eggless sugar cookies for the kids for a special snack...We followed this recipe but only used 1 tsp of vanilla instead of 2.
Cookies were a hit! The kids both enjoyed them- we baked them for 6 minutes- nice and chewy and soft!

The Evening approaches...Dinner is done, dishes are done, now for an evening of quiet together, to bed early then up to load the car and travel for the day to California to spend a week enjoying our family, the fair and our daughter's second 13th birthday celebration.

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