Saturday, June 15, 2013

Guinea Pig Grooming, Relaxing & Trip Prepping, Snacks

With leaving for out of town Monday, this weekend has begun with us prepping everything, getting ready to head to Cali. We are headed there for our daughter's 13th birthday, to celebrate with family and to go to the fair for the week. Both children have entered their guinea pigs, cavies and our daughter is also bringing a rabbit too.
Guinea Pig Grooming
Prepping for the fair, we spent some time grooming the guinea pigs. Nail trimming- we do this with regular 'human' nail clippers, being careful to just cut off the tips. At times we actually 'bathe' them in the sink- this time we used a foaming no-rinse natural shampoo just for cavies and rabbits. Washing them thoroughly, patting them with a towel, then brushing them with a nail brush. Then taking a baby wipe to gently clean the face and ears and scrub the bottoms of the foot pads. Also, since several cavies going to the show had not been shown before, my husband and I took on tagging them. Every cavy that shows has a numbered ear tag in their left ear. All the animals did great- as I wrapped them tightly in a small hand towel and covered their eyes while my husband 'pierced' their tag in with the special tagger.
The 'baby' Frederick

 Batman Jr.


Relaxing and Trip Prepping
We've also been trip prepping by cleaning the house today, to leave it spotless, or semi-spotless for 'dad', doing laundry and cleaning animal cages- seems to be our weekend theme- cleaning our home and cleaning the animals homes! The kids have spent time relaxing while I've had work to get done- they've played some computer games, practiced piano, and spent time doing origami together and we all watched 'Between the Folds' as recommended by their Grandpa. Both kids as well as I found it interesting and inspirational!

Afternoon Snacks
With the heat, our daughter made lemonade Popsicles from her birthday present her brother picked out for her...then this afternoon I made Plum-Banana Smoothies with Jelly Pastries.

 Almond Milk, Plums, Frozen Banana...YUM
 Jelly Pastries
Pastry:  Ingredients
1 1/2 Cup Flour
1/2 tsp Salt
1/2 Cup Butter (We use soy-free Earth Balance)
2 Tbsp Sugar
3 Tbsp Cold Water
Mix well, Roll out, cut into whatever shape you like-
I used several cookie cutters
Put any kind of fruit or Jelly you'd like in the middle- We used Boysenberry Jam.
Seal the edges with a fork, lined around all sides.
Heat Oven to 425, Bake for 10 minutes until light brown.
 The kids loved their special afternoon treat!

Onto a quiet evening, hubbie waking up from his sleep to join us for a simple dinner of spaghetti, artichokes and a big salad then some time spent together, reading and perhaps enjoying a movie before bed.....and waking to tomorrow when we pack our suitcase for our Monday departure. 

We are truly looking forward to seeing our family.

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