Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happy 13th Birthday - - Part 1

It's our daughters 13th birthday today, June 12 but only part 1 as part 2 comes next week as we travel out of state to see family for her second birthday party and her biggest present of all- a week long trip to the fair to showcase her cavies and one of her rabbits. She has always wanted to participate in the large fair but has yet to have the chance and this year we were able to make it happen.

13 years, people say it flies by, and oh it really does. So many great memories. You don't realize as you are making them when they are so tiny and young they will go by in a flash and grow literally in front of your eyes...and all of the sudden its not a small little girl you have any more, who loves to be picked up and carried, snuggled, wear princess dresses while digging mud puddles in the yard - you have a 13 yr old, a teenager, a beautiful young woman.  Our daughter has grown beautifully, inside and out. Never shy, she is outgoing, makes friends easily and is passionate about ballet, 4H, friends, art, drawing and all of her animals. She is so incredibly creative, writing stories, drawing comic strips and creating her own outfits, drawing them out then sewing them. She loves to sing, dance and play piano. She has a huge heart for her animals and for her friends. I am so incredibly blessed to be her mother. I reflect on this often as through homeschooling I have this incredible gift of time to spend with her, know her, support her passions and just love her. Its exciting to see the young adult she is growing to become. I couldn't be more proud.

Yesterday was filled with us girls, baking together, preparing cupcakes for today. As in tradition I also made her home made birthday banner, at her request of teal blue and purple writing with a few pictures of mermaids. Then this morning brother and I surprised her with a special birthday bagel for breakfast- bagels are her favorite!

Plans today are low key, heading to the lake to enjoy some play time then home for cupcakes and dinner and a quiet evening with a movie.

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