Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Our 'Lazy' Sunday...

*Animal feeding and watering
*Cage cleanings
*Room Tidying
*Floor Sweeping
*Bed Making
*Dish Washing
*Bible Reading

*Piggie Snuggling

*Pingu Watching with talks of Claymation and interest in making our own 'clay' show

*Youtube listening of music from our daughter's dance recital last night

*'I shouldn't be Alive' episodes and discussions of survival

*Family Reading time...3 more chapters of Desperaux
Today's discussion word: Handkerchief 
Both the kids only knew this word as 'hanky' and only because their Papa caries one in his pocket. 
We also discussed how Desperaux's father called on the Mouse council and how Desperaux's parents felt he was a disappointment and his father stated 'He must be punished', for sitting on the king's foot, listening to their music- and then Desperaux spoke to a human.
Most of the children's concern in these few chapters was that the mice parents were not kindly speaking of their son, just because he was different. They felt Desperaux was being himself, being unique. They could not understand a Mom or Dad not being accepting of their child.
*Desperaux board game
Found online here: Collect the Soup 

*Loving our Puppies

*Drawing, coloring, stamping

*Cookie Making Together
Thank you to Kitchen Simplicity once again! 
Recipe Here: Oatmeal Snaps 
We omitted the pepper and cloves in ours- to make them NOT spicy as the recipe states- the kids both loved them!

*More Mancala and some Connect 4


*Family Dinner

*New Radioactive Song found....prompts interest in the violin

We had first seen about Lindsey Stirling on our friends blog-
and ran across her doing this song when we were looking for radioactive. Amazed and in awe are the two words that describe my kids when watching and listening to this song as well as several others of hers- check all of them out, they are great. Then after, my son stated he would LOVE to learn to play. Awesome. 

And off to bed by 8pm, snuggly tucked into their beds with a story, hugs & kisses and prayers. Until tomorrow where we do it all again. Live Life to it's fullest.

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